Partner activities

Get to know the Aveyron departement in fun ways thanks to our cooperation with a number of local experts specialized in sports & fun in a natural environment.

Antipodes Sport Nature


Antipodes is situated in Millau, Aveyron. There is a wide choice of activities in a natural setting. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are sure to find an activity suitable to your taste and capacities. Climbing, bungee jumping, canyonning, water excursion, via ferrata or via corda, speleology, Tarzan tree,… For every activity you are accompanied by a professional in an exceptional setting!

Le Soulio Canoë

Soulio canoë

At one hour’s drive from Le Caussanel Campsite and an exhilarating experience in the heart of les Gorges du Tarn, Le Soulio, based at Cirques des Baumes, offers you 2 choices:

  • L’incontournable (for a pleasant experience): suitable for all families, 10 km
  • Le Mémorable (for a memorable experience): suitable for adventurous families, 23km

You follow the Tarn by canoe or kayak, surrounded by gorgeous Gorges created by the Tarn river. You can take all day to cover the 10 or 23 km’s distance: enjoy! 100% freedom: You are not limited by time because your car is waiting for you at your arrival point.

Loisirs Loc VTT

Loisirs Loc VTT

Loisirs Loc VTT, which means hiring out mountain bikes for fun trips, will take you to discover the tracks of Aveyron by mountainbike : Lévézou, Aubrac, Marcillac valley, Causses. These places are a real pleasure for every cyclist: it will never be dull. Adults and children can both enjoy Aveyron landscapes in all simplicity.

Airzone Paragliding

Airzone parapente

Try and touch the sky at 45 minutes from the campsite! Airzone paragliding suggests several different flights: for children or for apprehensive people or for those looking for a great adventure. You will have an extraordinary view! At the end of your flight you might want to buy the photographs and/or video so as to remember this exciting experience.

Pasielsky Concessionaire Bateaux

Pasielsky - Concessionaire bateaux

You will find Pasielsky boats at two different locations on the shores of Pareloup Lake. One is situated at Salles-Curan where boats are sold, repaired, maintained or hired out. If you like, it is also possible to store your boat here. You can hire a boat with or without permit. We are open all year through. The second location is situated at Vernhes where we hire out boats without permit as well as pedalos. We also have an accessory shop where you can find every part you need for your boat and a filling station at the shore of the lake. (July and August)

Vélo Rail du Larzac


The railroad as free as it can be! Off you go down the tracks of a former railroad and across beautiful landscapes in a bike on 4 wheels. Everyone can do this! If instead, you feel like enjoying the landscape without any physical effort, you can take the train.


The electric scooter bikes are steady, secure and enable a playful activity. They allow to combine a bike ride with an intense experience on the Grand Causses roads and in the Lévézou with family or friends. Thanks to the electric motor you do not need to make any effort. It's silent and does not pollute.

"Découverte": It's a 1h15 trip with an experimented guide to familiarize with the electric TT scooter bike without any effort on 25 km of roads and tracks.